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   Welcome to Resource  
Who are we?

Resource is a company that specializes in an event management services in different fields including Trade shows, theme based Exhibitions, Conferences, Seminars and corporate meetings.We offer complete support to client for making event successful. We play key role with interacting with client , participant and organizer ; keeping in mind to provide efficient services for both key partners.

Resource service include right from conceptualizing to creative execution. The company houses requisite materials like easy to fix and Dismantle Half Maxima/Octonurm Stall system, Pillar-Less Domes(hanger) Structure, Pendol, A range of Carpets, Cushions, Seating Arrangements, Decorative  Stage, Pillars, Decorative Gates etc.

Our Services
  • Planning and time schedule for Infrastructure Facilities related to the event.

  • Supply of pillar less dome structure for Exhibitions, Tradeshows & Events.

  • Fabrication of Maxima/Octornurm Stalls for the Exhibitions

  • Providing Carpet, Pendol, Green Net, Entry Gates and other Infrastructure required for the show

  • Electrical Facilities

  • Air- Conditioned Domes for the Conferences

  • Preparation of presentation for auxiliary services and standard contracts.

  • Handling of custom services, transportation, cleaning, etc.

  • Supervision and coordination of construction and auxiliary services.

  • Concept Designing and branding work

  • Audio Visual Services

  • Translation and voting pads

  • Registration software

  • Photography videography

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